November 2016 Loaves and Fishes

November 2016 Loaves and Fishes

Loaves & Fishes was our November 2016 Give-Back Organization

Loaves and Fishes is a local charity in Apopka which was created in 1984 when a need arose to help feed the victims of two devastating freezes. Area churches combined their resources to create a ministry to help those less fortunate. Now, the need continues as more people are in desperate circumstances.


Loaves and Fishes is funded by contributions from churches, businesses, schools, civic groups and individuals. There are a number of churches that support the organization in many different ways. Some offer to volunteer services and monthly donations, while others hold food drives to help keep their pantry full.


If you are searching for a charity which practices good stewardship of your donations, they are proud to share these facts:

  • They have only three paid employees!
  • Services and daily duties are provided by 135 volunteers.
  • They currently serve 400 families every week. These families are screened and proven to have legitimate needs.


Thanks again for your generosity and purchase that lets us “Give Back”!



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