Giving Back!

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Giving Back!

As a community store, our "give back program" is a crucial part of what we do at Firefly & Lilies

Ok, so our giveback program and customer service is by far the closest to my heart. Before I opened the store, I felt very strongly about both the customer experience and giving back. These were a huge motivation and reason that I was driven to open a retail store in an economy when many though I was crazy.

 I love our give back program. Each month, we choose a local non profit organization in our community that I have select items that every time they are sold 50% of the purchase goes to the organization. We also hold special events during our wine times and other times where we will give 20% or a designated amount back to the organization during that event.

Each month when I write the check to whoever we are sponsoring, I always smile and think of the lives that each person who shops in our store who gives is making a difference and the lives that are changed as a result. I want to personally thank each person who has purchased product as part of our giveback program or who has come out to support an event. Every penny makes a difference! I wish you could hear the stories I get to hear from Bags of Hope who will be able to send a hungry child home for the weekend with food. Or Loaves & Fishes, who will help an elderly person be able to eat that month because they ran out of food. Pop Warner football who will be able to help buy new uniforms and help kids who don’t have the finances to play. Dancing with Diabetes who will keep working hard to find a cure for juvenile diabetes so my sweet friend Sadie can have hope to grow up diabetes free one day. The UF Girls water polo team that will get to travel to a tournament and experience the sport they love at another level. Habitat for Humanity who will be able to help build a home for a sweet woman and her family that does not have a home now. The stories go on and on and the lives we get to touch go on. (Get more details about any of our Give-back organizations on our website.)

This is what we are here for and please know your life, your contribution, your participation makes a difference. And yes, it makes a difference in those of us who give also—our lives are forever changed as a result of what and how we give.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for partnering with Firefly & Lilies and our giveback programs.


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