Shopping with Children

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Shopping with Children

What? You say, "I hate to shop with my children. I can never get anything done. And no I don’t want to bring my child into your nice boutique, you will run me out." I am a mom of 3 kids and although my children have grown up and past the needing babysitting stage, I remember that feeling of needing a break and a moment for me and yet not wanting to take my kids into a store for fear that I would be run out. Let me say at Firefly & Lilies we love children, and we will treat them as our own. It is not unusual that customers walk in with sweet babies and I hold them and "love on them" while mom shops or tries on items. You think I am doing you a favor, but you are doing a huge favor for me and my staff. You see, we all love children so very much,  and we don’t have any little ones any longer so we gladly will play with your child, hug on, talk to while you just enjoy and have that moment you so desperately need. Please never think you are a bother or it's an imposition to bring your child into Firefly & Lilies. Just had to get this out there in case there are any moms like me.


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