The Look: The Gift Giving Experience

The Look: The Gift Giving Experience

How the "gift giving experience" brings us great joy and motivation at Firefly & Lilies

 I love to watch as someone is trying to pick out the perfect gift for someone: the husband trying to get that gift for his wife; the boyfriend looking for the gift that says you're special; the Mom wanting to please their child with a shirt she knows they will like; the friend who is looking for a birthday gift.

What makes this experience so great is the look in their eye when you ask, "Are you looking for something special today?" and they say "yes" with a gleem of love. And you know they are thinking of that special someone. We begin a conversation to ask who and what they are specifically looking for on this particular day. It’s always with joy they describe the person that is so special that brought them to the store that day--or they just happened to think of while they were there that day.

And then there is the moment during conversation and talking and looking that they find the perfect item. You can always know the look. “This is it! This is will make this person smile and this will let them know how much I care."  I remember a couple months after I opened the store; I had to meet a plumber at the store early to do some work. I meet 2 guys that helped me and got my work done. Afterward, the younger guy was looking around and said, "Today is New Year’s Day, and I want to find something for my girlfriend." He found a beautiful necklace and was so thrilled to anticipate giving this gift. 

Then there was an older master plumber who mentioned that day was his 30th anniversary, and he was at exactly the right place to look for the perfect gift for his wife. We looked and talked and then, there it was a beautiful necklace earring set in fact, 2 sets.  The look, the love and you know he was thinking of all the years and love he had for his sweet wife. Although I have never met her, I can imagine the love she must have felt when he brought those gifts home.

Then there's the kids who want to make Mom’s birthday special, and they are looking for a special something. They find just the item and the smile they have would warm even a cold-hearted soul. Priceless. There are so many countless stories, looks, conversations of gifts.   To me this is what makes me work so hard with each day, each buying trip, and as I’m thinking about what will sell and how to merchandise the product.

And the list goes on, but it’s remembering and thinking of the love and smiles and the connections and joy that each gift will bring in peoples lives. This is the gift experience!


  1. Scott Leete Scott Leete

    As her husband, I can testify to the joy it brings Pam to know that people are excited about receiving gifts from Firefly & Lilies.

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