When I Am Buying

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When I Am Buying

I wanted to share a little of what goes on in head when I’m at a show buying or sitting with a rep or in front of my computer putting an order together. It is always you, especially if we have met and had a conversation. I think of what you would like, what you would want, what would work for your home, your life. I think of what is going to make life better for you.


I always research trends, fashion, style. I read a lot; I study the market. I talk with vendors and manufacturers, but the one thing that motivates me the most is you! How will you like this or that. How will this work for you, is it the color you want, etc. Always feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions and I will always take them into consideration. I want you to feel at home and to have the most amazing shopping experience you can have.


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