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Our Story

Firefly & Lilies is the creation of Pam Leete. Pam has been a retail consultant for over 25 years. During that time, she has helped many others start and successfully grow their retail business. But she has for many years yearned to have her own boutique.

Finally, after years of saving money and working up the moxie to "do her own thing," Pam has opened Firefly & Lilies. The decades she has spent helping other businesses to succeed have given her tremendous insight into what will appeal to her customers. As well, she had developed relationships with 100's of manufacturers to be able to find the best, and most unique products and to be able to offer them at reasonable prices. 

People often ask Pam how she came up with the name "Firefly & Lilies."  Pam always loved the name "Firefly" because it brought back wonderful feelings of her childhood summers, growing up in North Carolina. Fireflies bring out a youthful and whimsical spirit in all of us. Who doesn't remember chasing fireflies in the summer and putting them in a mason jar with holes punched in the top? Pam wanted everyone to experience a little magic when they visit her store; to have all those warm memories. For folks to feel welcomed and at ease. And the store certainly has all the sparkles of a firefly filled forest. 

Coming up with a name for Pam's store was a whole family affair. Each person trying to find the best thing that went with "Firefly." Someone one suggested "Lilies" and it just felt right. Pam and Scott had huge white lilies in the floral centerpiece at their wedding. So it brought those great memories. Lilies are perennials--enduring and coming back year after year. 

So we welcome you to "Firefly & Lilies." Whether you experience us in our physical store or only on our online store, we hope that you can feel the love and devotion that has gone into making your experience a great one.